We have a proven track record of providing legal services to a wide range of financial businesses, including banks, insurance companies, securities companies, credit card companies, consumer credit companies, leasing companies. This is one of the most distinctive features of our firm.
 Our attorneys have provided legal opinions, prepared letters and reviewed contracts in light of various regulatory laws associated with financial fields. In dispute cases, we have successfully represented clients in the most complex and novel transactions in the market.
 Based on our extensive experience in day-to-day practice, we familiarize ourselves with each client organization and advise on every aspect of their business operations.


 We have delivered comprehensive legal solutions to various kinds of challenges associated with all aspect of banking business in Japan, including deposits, credit, foreign exchange transactions, derivatives transactions, finance leases, registered financial institution business, and insurance sales.
 Our attorneys walk through with clients for development of new businesses from initial stages. The Banking Practice provides sophisticated and reliable up-to-date legal advices to clients
 In disputes, we have vast finance experience to represent banks and other financial institutions in negotiations, lawsuits, and ADRs in connection with deposit, credit, and collateral transactions, derivatives transactions, and sales of financial products such as investment trusts.


 We provide legal services for trust businesses in accordance with the trust law and other regulations related to the trust business.
 For example, with respect to various investment products using trusts, we provide legal services to help clients for new products and services.
 In dispute cases, we represent trust banks in litigation and ADRs relating to the sale of trust-related financial products and inheritance-related business.
 Our firm provides a variety of legal services in Trust law and other regulatory laws with respect to trust institutions, such as real estate business, transfer agency business, and inheritance-related business.
 For example, we provide vast finance knowledge inheritance-related services, we provide services such as formulating and revising policy clauses and regulations for new products and services, as well as advice on how to handle individual cases. For securitization of receivables, we provide services such as structuring schemes, documentation, and various types of advice.
 In dispute cases, we represent trust banks and others in litigation and financial ADRs relating to the sale of trust-related financial products and inheritance-related business, in addition to litigation relating to pension trusts, land trusts, and others.


 Miyake & Partners presently has special strengths in securities-related services concerning the financial instruments and Exchange Act and the following areas:
Behavioral regulation of financial instruments operators and financial institutions
Firewall regulations and systems for conflict-of-interest management
Chinese walls for insider information, corporate information, and private data
Derivative transaction controls (including documentation)
Disclosure requirements and reports (offering disclosures, continuing disclosures, timely disclosures)
Advice on large-volume holding reports and takeover bids
 In dispute cases, we represent securities companies in litigation and ADRs such as FINMAC to resolve disputes over a wide range of financial products, including cash equities, margin transactions, investment trusts, and foreign bonds, including structured bonds.

Leasing, Credit, and Other Settlement Obligation and Trading Transactions.

 We have extensive experience in legal services for leasing and credit, as well as various settlement obligations and trading transactions.
 In recent years, we also represent brand new businesses, such as PSP, fund transfer agents and crypto asset exchangers.
 We are also active at the frontiers of new financial services such as FinTech to respond to all needs as a counsel.


 We have in-depth knowledge of financial laws and regulations, such as the Banking Act, Trust Business Act and Financial Instruments and Exchange Law, as well as various supervisory policies and guidelines. In addition to the financial regulatory laws, our knowledge includes a variety of other related regulations, such as the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Law and Data Privacy.



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