Our strengths

Emphasis on the Principles of the Law
Miyake & Partners handles every case with an emphasis on the principles of the law.
Consistent with legal principles, we have advocated as resolutely as possible for the fundamental and comprehensive interests of the client over the long term. After-the-fact action is a key element of our service. Our partners strive to identify exactly where the problems lie in the client’s business processes. We consider the long-term benefit of the client from strategic, preventive, and objective legal perspectives. Then we devote our full energies to devising comprehensive and fundamental solutions.
Partnership with Our Clients
Miyake & Partners goes to great lengths to build a long-term relationship of trust and partnership with every client. Legal problems can surface in any unit or any office of a company. To arrive at a comprehensive and fundamental solution for the client’s long-term benefit, we may need to firmly understand the client’s field of business, the setting and culture of the client’s company, and the intricate technical and intellectual issues the client must navigate. Through regular, multifaceted interchange with the client, our firm acquires detailed knowledge and experience that goes beyond our know-how and experience in the field of law itself. With this knowledge and experience, we strive to build an ideal partnership by becoming the client’s best and most vital resource.
Specialized Skills and imaginative Solutions
The lawyers of Miyake & Partners apply both technical expertise and professional creativity to solve the specific legal problems of their clients. Legal problems nowadays are growing steadily more intricate and complex. As this trend toward complexity continues, specialized expertise and experience becomes even more vital for the protection and benefit of the client’s comprehensive and fundamental interests over the long term. Our firm respects the individuality of our partners and continuously seeks to reinforce their problem­solving skills and creativity.


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